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Bring Awareness That All Answers Lie Within
Emotionally – Physically – Spiritually

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Workshops + Retreats

My retreats are less of a yoga vacation and much more of a yearly spiritual getaway. Interrupting our daily patterns of life and placing value on mastery of the art of surrender, reflection, and rebirth; my retreats are planned to correspond with the equinox and solstice times of the year.

Workshops are hosted by studios around the country. I will be relocating to Alabama and taking some time to build relationships with the various studio owners in my new area. More will be posted soon.

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I absolutely love this project and I am leaning into a product and service that really feels like me. I have moved from Canada to Oregon to North Carolina and now to Alabama. Along the way many of you have shared with me you miss what I offer.  Sybil In-A-Box will be a monthly subscription of a box of Sybil. You will have items of inspiration, poetry, small tokens to place on your altar, access to online classes, live group discussion, and philosophy as well as monthly access to the ongoing inspirations that run through my life as I integrate yogic and therapeutic principles and pass them on to you. These will come in small bite size palatable doses so you can start to implement the themes and concepts being studied each month into your own life.

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I will share my reflections, inspirations, and perspectives in semi-regular blog posts.

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Sybil leads you down the path of healing with a whole-body approach. Over the eight years that I have known Sybil, she has guided me in discovering myself spiritually as well as helping me discover and become comfortable knowing what is best for my body.

Ashley Sprouse Ederly, Client - Snowden, WA

Sybil is a colleague and dear friend.  She also helped me through yoga therapy to find my holding patterns and release them.  She is a wonderful practitioner who really listens to her clients and meets them where they are.  I highly recommend Sybil’s services.

Chrys Kub, Integrative Physical Therapist - Charlotte, NC

Having run for many years, I had developed posture and gait problems that I didn’t even know about until I was in a lot of discomfort.  Along with a great PT and Sybil’s series of custom classes, I was able to relearn strengthening movements that stabilized my body and allow me to do the things I love pain free like running and classical yoga.

Theo Parkinson, Private Client - Hood River, OR

I have practiced and lived yoga for a couple of decades now and my life has been washed clean by the ever present philosophies and tools of movement, stillness, and reflection.  I teach from this very washed over, distilled and simple place.